Keeping traditions alive
With that image of the prehistoric loom in front of her, Anna remembered a phrase she once heard from a woman in Clisova Noua. „Old, manual carpets are the thread of communication between generations, they are to be seen as woven letters.” Here is just one of the many other stories about a specific carpet that traveled to Siberia during the deportations and then back again to Independent Moldova. It was a big wall carpet woven by the girls of a family that were deported by the bolsheviks in the 40s. The girls loved their creation very much and decided to take it with them. At first, the rug saved them from the cold on the road. When they arrived, the family was disclosed together with another one into a common space, and the carpet saved them the second time, serving as a wall, separating the two families and offering a sense of home. After years when they were allowed to come back they took the carpet with them, putting it on the wall of their daughter’s new home in Moldova. Nowadays the carpet is part of the Rustic Art museum, as it was donated by the ancestor of the family, a woman who works at the complex as one of the artisans and now pays the tribute back, saving the traditional fine craft of weaving.