Republic of Moldova
The Cave Monastery Peştera, Orheiul Vechi
The Cave Monastery Peştera, Old Orhei

Part of the cave complex Butuceni, the Cave Monastery, comprises a church, 11 monastic cells, a bell tower, and a massive stone cross. 

The holy place was built by refurbishing some older premises, the traces of which were visible on the walls. The 11 monastic cells were dug on the steep bank of the River Raut in the 15th century, marking several periods of functioning. 

The Hermitage comprises a Bell Tower (1820) and a massive stone cross dating back to the 18th century. 

The monastic complex functioned in several stages, which failed between the 15 /16 centuries – the beginning of the 19th century (1816).

You will often see couples of newlyweds walking towards this cross, eager to immortalize this special day in this place full of legends.