The fishing routine
The fishing routine

The oldest name of the Black Sea is known as Pontos Evxinos and comes from the Persian word Axsaeba (dark, black). That is the reason the Black Sea region to be considered as not hospitable one. However, for the people along the shores the Black Sea is a source of living, mainly through fishing. 

Fishing is old as people live here and is a living power for their cultural development. The fishing craft has been developing and keeping along with the living traditions and habits: construction and maintenance of fishing boats; invent and construction of tools and instruments for fishing; knitting of fishing nets; culinary skills and habits of cuisine evolution, fish storage and conservation; sailing and selling abilities. Fishing rituals are still performing for celebration of the first rate of a fishing boat, the first catch; pray for a catch and for a big catch; use of practices for taming sea storms. 

Fishing is more often used as a tourist attraction and service offered to the tourists and guests of the town. There are many events, festivities and cultural activities associated with the ancient craft and the sea in Nessebar such as: The National Fish Festival ”Autumn landscapes”, the International contest “I love Black Sea” organized on occasion of the International Day of Black Sea, the International Art Festival “Stars constellation in Nessebar”, etc. 

These are part of the municipal programme agenda for entertainment and promotion of Nessebar. Among the tourist events are also the "Meeting of the fishermen"in Ravda, festival "Ravda - the sea, the fishes and the fishermen', development of open fish museum "The sea around Ravda" in which tourists and guests of Nessebar take part and enjoy. Specific places for fish feeding have been established to attract tourists and support the culinary tourism. 

Fishing has turned to be one of the main sectors of the maritime economy in Bulgaria due to its excellent location on the Eastern coast and the variety of species in the Black Sea basin. This living tradition is also kept by the young generations as the fish lovers seeking to protect and save fishing as a main activity all year round.